Some things are timeless…like the words of our founder, Jim Martin Sr. more than 50 years ago, "We are a service organization.  Our growth and reputation are based on this fact...there are numerous other places where our customers can purchase the same products, at the same, and sometimes lower prices."   As with most commitments, they’re easily made, but not always easy to deliver.  We understand that the market has changed in many ways over the past fifty years and that we also have to change to support our driving customer focus.  Whether the customer is installing enclosures on an oil rig in the gulf, purchasing materials to stock wholesale shelves, specifying parts for a new manufactured product or just installing a ceiling fan over the dining room table.  We must support each of these endeavors, and others…exceeding the needs of the market.

To achieve the expectations of our varied customers, we rely on the training and experience of our team, our extensive market knowledge, and, whenever applicable, available technology to improve out productivity and efficiency.  

The average industry tenure of our typical team member is over 25 years.  Our team includes personnel with backgrounds in electrical construction, electrical wholesale suppliers and product manufacturers.  We’ve also injected our team with newer members with experience in sales, marketing, and finance.  This combination helps create customer driven solutions from across the company.

J.D. Martin Company has operated continuously in our market for fifty years.  We have developed meaningful relationships with top manufacturers, key supply chain partners and a variety of end-user installer customers.  As a result, we keep close tabs on the pulse of the market, anticipating the need for new products, new services, or required changes in our strategy and approach.  The result is recognition regularly as a top rep performer in our industry including our 1984 naming as “National Rep of the Year” by Electrical Wholesaling Magazine…And our hard work continues today; always in pursuit of a current market view.

We understand that we can accelerate our efforts with implementation of appropriate technology…when it makes sense.  We were one of the first reps in the nation to utilize computing power, and continue today to use a “state of the art” system to manage our business and warehouse operations.  In addition, we recently installed a web based email system to communicate regularly with any segment of our customer base on a meaningful and timely basis.

As Mr. Martin recognized years ago, and we still continue…we work everyday to earn the support, respect, and the business of all our customers.